After Dark

Episode 1: Dangers in the Tall Grass

Many years have passed since the events of the House of the Rising Sun. Our story began last week at the Double sided coin tavern, where Chashah Magaw, is waiting for his brother, and the other escapees of that tragic event. Caw has spent the last few years tracking down the ragtag gang that once escaped the powerful Vampire Alaric Draven, and his henchmen. Before the party shows up to meet Caw however, he is visited by shadowy figure known only as Phillip. He is told that the Grey Gentlemen are happy with his progress inside the organization and that they encourage him to continue his pursuits against Alaric Draven, that they are in the best interest of the organization. He is given an envelope, which supposedly contains information about Alaric Draven.

 The party begins to arrive at the Double sided Coin,  first with Caw's brother Krav who comes ready with an adventure for the his old friends. Krav has spent his time as professor at Blackwing College specializing in Ancient History and relics. He is followed by the Goliath who was once known as Ganbattar who seems to have found a new calling and a better control of his temper.  The goliath now goes by the name Aoife.  The gnome barbarian Anii follows suit, and is so happy to see her old friends again after so many years. The Sorcerer Uraz then enters, and he tells tale of a strange man who used to watch over him, who one day vanished leaving him a mysterious letter and a strange gift.  Then finally Yolsefka arrives, the man seems dark, and awkward, strange and off putting.

    Caw has put this group together to get revenge on Alaric Draven who has risen to power in the city of Baton Noir and has profited greatly in the years since the party's abduction. But the party agrees that the best option is to gain power and prestige first before attacking such a powerful foe head on. So they agree to pursue a lead, retrieving a vestment of the dawnbringer for Princess Sloan LaFontaine, provided by an encounter that Krav had with Her Highness.  

They hear tale of King Dawkins Forthwind and his final stand at the Tower of Epiphany, and how he was empowered by a  deitiy seraph known as Sollust.  The King and his knights rode out to face the ravenous Carruthian horde before falling.  But as the King fell, he detonated a blast of light that killed thousands more, and all that was left of him and his men were the vestments which have been lost for centuries.

After shopping in Baton Noir for candy and bandages, and also after pickpocketing the local bar patrons, with a very disapproving Aoife watching on…  The party ventures to the ruins of the Tower of Epiphany where the killed a harmless woodland creature and almost set the northern woods on fire. They encountered and defeated a goblin outpost.  The party descended down into the tunnels underneath the Tower and find more Goblins who retreat in mine carts to the bottom. A crazy mine cart chase ensues, where the party races to the bottom to confront the Goblin Boss and his minions.  They party successfuly butchers the Goblins many falling to Aoife.

The party received the following rewards for last weeks adventure:

The party leveled to level 2

Uraz and Yol each received a Fate Point for killing the woodland creature

Magical items were given out including the Sol: Discus of Light which is a vestment.

And our story starts with the party in the Black City.


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